The Traditional Pole Tent is the grandfather of all tents tracing its roots back to the days of the “big top circus tent” in which so many can relate.

The entire tent system is essentially a push-pole style design with very traditional shape and function. While smaller sizes are solely supported by center poles, side poles and guyed to anchoring stakes, the larger sizes (>50’ wide) rely on secondary poles called “hip” poles and “quarter” poles to aid in supporting the fabric top. These tents are supplied with jumper ropes and tie-down ropes, but you can opt to modify the tensioning system for the more user friendly web-ratchet system. Sizes range from 40’ wide up to 120’ wide and are available in expandable and non-expandable versions.


• Traditional classic design

• Cost efficient

• Expandable and non-expandable versions available
• Standard wall-snap line allows for installation of side walls


• Widths: 40’, 50’, 60’, 80’, 100’, and 120’ • Fabric: 16 oz. Laminated PVC, Blackout UW • Fabric certified flame retardant

• Side Poles: 2.5” OD aluminum, 2” SCH40 aluminum
- All aluminum anodized

• Center Poles: 2.5” OD aluminum, 4”OD aluminum, 4”SCH40, 6”SCH40
- All aluminum anodized

• New powder-coated aluminum perimeter plates

• Expandable mids available for each width • Sixty foot (60’) and larger available in optional bail-ring design

• Ropes braided to tent tops

• Standard wall-snap line attachment

*All sidewalls, lighting, heating and accessories are additional, Please call for tent quote.



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